We make great software.

Whether you're taking a new digital product to market, innovating around an idea, or modernizing your existing technology, we have the right team for you.
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Let’s build software together.

We offer the following services that are tailor made for your needs.  We guarantee quality, predictability and ultimately success.  Whether you're building a new software product, experimenting with a new idea, or planning to upgrade your technology, we have a dedicated team for you.  
New Product Launch

Great software starts here

We take care of the development process, including design, coding, testing, and deployment, with the goal of delivering a fully functional product, fit for market, that meets your needs and exceeds expectations.
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Innovate with us

We guide you through the process of creating and implementing novel ideas, products, or solutions that bring about meaningful change and value to individuals, organizations, or society as a whole.
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Modernize your world

We help you through the strategic upgrade of your existing technology to fundamentally improve business processes, operations, and customer experiences, enabling you to adapt, compete, and thrive in the digital age.
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The journey to success.

Our experienced team and matured methodology will guide you through the process and guarantee your success, so you can focus on your core business while we handle the technological complexities.  We help you launch ahead of your competition and adapt quickly to changing customer needs.


We're passionate about building great software. Our journey together starts here.  We start every project off with a Discovery phase, a set of collaborative activities run by a cross-disciplinary team.
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Market Ready Product

We deliver great software into the hands of your customers, early and frequently. Feedback from the market is essential to guarantee the success of your digital product.
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Product Maturity

Scaling your software product after its initial successes requires experience and discipline.  We help you drive the efficiency and effectiveness of your solution to full maturity.
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Business as Usual

Bringing an outsourced project back in-house has many challenges.  Our Digital Transformation methodology guarantees knowledge transfer and a smooth transition into your existing operational environment.
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"Global Kinetic is not just a world-class quality software development company, with talented people, but a team that walks the challenging road with you – from idea to delivery to market and beyond."

Alan Burger
CEO, InfoSlips
Why work with Global Kinetic

Why work with us.

Trusted across multiple industries globally, and with deep expertise in banking and fintech, Global Kinetic has pioneered innovative solutions to complex enterprise projects for going on 20 years.
We've got enough battle scars to ensure we help you design and build the right solution for your target market.
Our track record of near zero defect code will help you retain customers and exceed their expectations.
Always being on time and providing accurate estimates will help you adapt quickly to new customer demands and changing market conditions.
No matter how large or complex the task, we will get you a blueprint for success in under 3 months, and deliver a high quality, Market Ready Product in 6 months.


We have received recognition for our technology proficiency and astuteness over the years
Award ABSA
2020 Winner of Best Trade Finance Services and Best Online Portal in Africa for 2020
Award Old Mutual
2019 BCX Digital Innovation Awards
2019 First Runner Up for Old Mutual Money Account Mobile Banking App
Award FIS
2018 American Business Awards Gold Winner
OnlyID: New Product or Service of the Year – Software – FinTech Solution
Award Zapper
2015 Winner of MTN SA’s consumer’s Choice Award
2015 Best app for Microsoft SA Platform MTN awards

Our work.

Here are a few case studies of some of our most recent work. From game changing innovations in the 911 first-responder ecosystem in the United States, to launching the first of its kind Neobank in Saudi Arabia, we've worked on some of the worlds most interesting and complex software challenges.
Digital Banking

Turning Banks into Platforms.

Use the FutureBank Platform to help you launch Banking and Financial Services products better, faster and more securely than anybody else. We use our integration technology and partner network to deliver embedded finance as a platform.
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Team Management

We make teams better.

TeamFirst gives you detailed insight into your teams and how well team members are interacting with each other. It improves staff retention and the effectiveness of your teams so that you can be more successful.
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How can we help?

We provide fully managed, enterprise-grade, software engineering teams to meet your business objectives and bring your digital product strategies to life.