Infographic | Mobile App Development – What You Should Know

I recently discovered this creative yet informative Infographic developed by The Nine Herts. What speaks true in all terms is if you are looking to develop a mobile application, do you actually know what’s at hand?

This Infographic pretty much sums up the insight of a mobile application development process. It also provides some interesting analysis statistics, but what stands out is the costs and time durations. With extensive experience in cost estimation and project planning, I can indeed say they are accurate.

It takes 18 weeks to develop and publish a standard Native Mobile Appication, the back end infrastructure can take a further 10 – 18 weeks if not build in tandem. The Cost varies according to the Features, Hourly Rate and expertice R 45,000- R120, 000 for a small app, and R 750,000 – R 2, 25 million South African Rands for a more complex application and back end system.

Although there are ways to curb costs in terms of using hybrid type application development (build once deploy to multiple platforms), the final choice often comes down to cost vs performance and usability.

Don’t be put-off by the raw cost facts, first understand the Mobile Application revenue model and the expected Global growth in revenue: In 2012 the amounted to 18.56 Billion Dollars, the expected growth for 2017 is 76.52 Billion.

Reasearch what features your application really needs, and be sure to get in touch with and expert!

A simple Context Diagram and Function Point Calculation will be enough determine the cost and time estimations of your desired solution.

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