FiveBarGate Two Factor Authentication Using Your Mobile Device

What is FiveBarGate?

FIVEBARGATE is a safe, easy to use and affordable one-time password solution using your mobile.

Bi-directional two-factor authentication using your mobile device.
Requires no additional hardware or tokens.
Requires NO mobile coverage or connectivity… no kidding…!
Removes the worry of spyware from your clients’ computers.
Specifically created to work on compromised machines.
Secure’s logins, card payments or anywhere a password is used.
Easy to install and implement.

How does it work?

  1. Start the FIVEBARGATE application on your phone.
  2. Type your password into the secret field on the screen and tap the ‘Generate’ button.
  3. Type the GateKey displayed on your phone in the GateKey field on the login screen.
  4. Press the Login button and then compare the Anti-Phishing Verification Code on the Login screen with the one on your phone.

Where can i get it?

FIVEBARGATE is available for all major Smartphone platforms, get it for IPhone at the Apple App Store, for Android at Google Play and Windows Phone at the Windows Phone Store.

FIVEBARGATE can also be installed on Feature Phones using MIDP 2.0.

FIVEBARGATE only works with sites that are secured by FiveBarGate Server.

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FiveBarGate Bi-Directional Two Factor Authentication Using Your Mobile Device