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Effective Leadership Development Program: LMI

Six of our Peeps™ successfully graduated from the Leadership Management International – Effective Leadership Development program.

By empowering our future leaders to feel confident in their abilities to lead themselves, and therefore others, in the work and home environments, we create a culture of leaders rather than managers. This course aims to develop authentic leadership and help drive organisational effectiveness. LMI programmes are also designed to provide a permanent change in attitudes and habits that will enhance leadership abilities to deliver increasing productivity and effectiveness for the company. All in all, it is a super beneficial course and the feedback has been extremely positive.

When asked what each attendee learnt from the experience, this is what they reported back:

Kyle Store (Support):

“Imagine witnessing a one in a life time sunset and having the ability to describe it to anyone…

This course gives you the ability to not only share your experience but make people feel as if they were part of it. “

Mark Stares:

“Even though during the actual course itself I wasn’t running any teams and was just doing development work, I still think there were a few valuable lessons I learnt.

The first, and possibly most important, is that communication is key when dealing with any one person and any one team.  “Communication” is quite a broad topic and you can talk about it (pun intended) for days but the thing which wasn’t so clear to me before was the fact that each person responds in a completely different way so your approach, tone, and general delivery needs to be fine-tuned depending on the person you need to communicate with.

The second best notion I took from the course was to not only set business goals for myself but to also set personal goals.  There doesn’t need to be this great divide and focus on one or the other, but when you’re happy and succeeding with one the other kind of falls in to place as well.”

What the course entails is an 8 lesson program with the following topics:

1. Successful leaders

2. Time flies

3. Effective authority

4. Personal responsibility

5. Essential communication

6. Motivating people

7. Solving problems

8. Developing potential

To find out more about the course you can find the framework here: https://www.lmi-smi.co.za/lmi

A big thanks to the guys for taking the time to help us work toward building an ever-stronger Global Kinetic team.

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