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A Testathon is like a hackathon but for testers.




FRIDAY JUNE 24 the Global Kinetic Team got together WITH SOME OF THE WORLD’S TOP TECH TEAMS at the Testathon CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA and had a chance to work with THREE AMAZING APPS.


Although not much more can be said about these three apps, the team's comments about the day, and the experience kind-of speaks out loud...

Here's what some of our team had to say....


Sandisiwe ~ I learned the importance of testing and testers, and the team work amongst the testers. Also learned how other testers approach to testing, and the different ways they test apps.


Hannes ~ It was a wonderful opportunity to work with the best QA's in Cape Town, sharing experiences and knowledge while having an awesome time. Will definitely go again!

Babalwa ~ The experience was completely awesome. Being in the same room with so many testers, of different levels of knowledge and experience, from all over Cape Town and even Johannesburg,  was eye opening and inspiring.


This event was created with the aim of connecting the testing community whilst learning from each other and enjoying what the testing community do best.

For those new to TESTATHON, or for those who missed out on this event here is a bit of what you missed:
  • Opportunity to NETWORK WITH THE BEST - Only the top 50 testers in a room. Never a more powerful networking opportunity.
  • MEET WORLD LEADING QA TEAMS - A great opportunity to hear how QA teams behind the world's leading apps work, experience a behind the scenes exclusive Q&A session.
  • LEARN HOW OTHERS TEST - A debrief held after each testing session, so attendees could learn how other's test.
Testathon Working
There were even prizes to be won, DEVICES, CONFERENCE TICKETS, CASH PRIZES AND MORE...
Some of the PRIZE CATEGORIES offered:
    • Team Prizes


    • Best QA


    • Best Security Bug


    • Best UI Bug


    • Best Quality Bug Report


  • plus 7 others

Here is the world-tour-list: http://testathon.co/#world-tour-list

Nothing happening in your Country...?  Well If you’d like to have a Testathon in your city / country let the TESTATHON Team know where you are, and about any useful information in your location by going here: http://testathon.co/mycity/

HAPPY TESTING and See you at the NEXT event...!

Original content: https://testathon.co/ and https://www.facebook.com/testathons/ 

Global Kinetic - Contact us via our corporate website and let us bring your application to life: https://www.globalkinetic.com

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