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Global Kinetic Helps People Become Heroes Against the Odds

Siyaya Skills Institute is working with software company, Global Kinetic to help upskill people who battle with huge life challenges.  One such example is Esmerelda Page who, as a young girl, fell ill with Fibromyalgia.  The pain she suffered was so intense that she was quite unable to attend school.  Luckily, her hospital referred her to the Siyaya Skills Institute and now Esmerelda, a 32 year old mother of three from George, has met her challenges head on, conquered many of them and is living as normal life as possible.   She enlisted in the Wholesale and Retail programme with Siyaya in 2015 and is about to complete her second course in Business Administration.  She manages her condition now by taking medication daily and by keeping positive.  She even manages to earn some money by working at weekends selling Tupperware and Herbal Life at home parties.  What Esmerelda wants now is to get her driver’s license and a permanent job.

Global Kinetic, a leading software and development company is spending around R1.6-million this year in a bid to upskill at least 20 learners through the Siyaya Skills Institute.  The company believes in helping to build heroes in society by sponsoring physically, intellectually and emotionally challenged people to learn how to build long and successful careers for their future.  Siyaya is a professionally-accredited Training Provider which satisfies the requirements of the new Skills Development legislation in South Africa. Siyaya ensures the delivery of quality learning and maximum financial and strategic benefits for all levy paying clients.

Head of HR at Global Kinetic Ross Pickford says, “We used to fund learnerships which directly related to our core business in the IT arena, but we believe now that it is more important to provide training and support to those who need it most. “We wanted to work with the Siyaya Skills Institute because of their professionalism and the skill they provide in guiding us through our BBEEE and EE processes, which plays an important role in our journey as a South African company.

About Siyaya Skills Institute

The Institute was registered in 2001 and has been commissioned to draft some of the first generic training material for Services SETA (SSETA), enabling Siyaya to master the challenging world of Skills Development.

Today, Siyaya is recognized as an experienced and highly capable specialist services provider having successfully completed in excess of 9 000 national qualifications, assisting countless organizations in reaching B-BBEE and compliance objectives since 2001.

It provides reliable services within the regulatory environment, ensuring the delivery of quality learning while maximising financial and strategic benefits for all levy paying clients.

The Institute has to date secured an average of between 50% and 350% of levy payments back in respect of training for clients as well as securing company tax deductions of more than R300-million through the correct application and structuring of skills development interventions and government incentives.

The organisation’s focus is to provide solutions to its clients, assisting them in the integration of company compliance with the various prescriptive and elective legislations, while increasing the productivity and effectiveness of employees through quality learning experiences.

As an externally verified Level 1, B-BBEE contributor, Siyaya provides national services through branches in all major city centres in South Africa.

About Global Kinetic

Launching a rocket from a lighthouse

Achieving the seemingly impossible, a group of highly fuelled people work together at Global Kinetic to spearhead and develop brilliant products, including some that seriously disrupt the market.  One of the coolest places to work, this company has the nicest people creating amazing apps and products, which they do with flair and sheer professionalism, mixed with a dash of fun.

Steeped in expertise*, Global Kinetic makes both end-users and their clients equally happy because they get the stuff right every time.  They designed and created the world’s first fully immersive gamified children’s mobile banking app in Unity for Standard Bank as one example; in another they designed and developed PayToday, the Venmo for Southern Africa.  They’ve built slick and powerful mobile banking experiences for Old Mutual, Bidvest Bank and many more.   Global Kinetic is a leading software engineering company with a team of just under 100 tech-savvy and inspired developers, designers and creatives. They have great offices in Century City as well as in Palo Alto in the US.

*Global Kinetic (GK) provides solutions across the application stack, predominantly .NET or Java deployed to Azure, AWS or physical infrastructure on the enterprise side, and native or hybrid technologies on the mobile side for Apple, Android and Windows Phone.  GK implements SCRUM on all customer projects and provides professional services around the delivery, quality assurance, test automation, requirements gathering, analysis, UX/UI design and architecture.


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