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FutureBank – Global Kinetic’s FinTech Hero at US Money2020 Expo

Global Kinetic, a specialist in transaction processing software and digital banking solutions, will showcase its avant-garde FutureBank platform at Money2020 this month in Las Vegas and the company is bracing itself for a deluge of enquiries and new business.

Martin Dippenaar, founder and CEO of Global Kinetic says that FutureBank is opening the door to a huge US market for the company.  “What we have developed here is a product that, through aggregation with key partners, gives customers a completely secure multi-platform banking app.  There is huge scope in the US as no such technology like ours currently exists in the FinTech space – and we have developed FutureBank to target that market.”

Global Kinetic CIO Sergio Barbosa adds: “When we exhibited at TechCrunch in San Francisco in September, we were overwhelmed by the response and we fully expect the same kind of response when we’re at Money2020.”

In short, FutureBank offers a complete digital banking solution for any financial services company.  It is secure and can be customized for any mobile and Internet banking solution with an Open Microservices API that integrates with the most popular core banking systems in the world.  Global Kinetic also provides an architectural blueprint and code framework which makes FutureBank an ideal solution for any new FinTech product.  The platform is both a code base and a development pipeline that provides the necessary acceleration needed by any FinTech product business so that they can concentrate and focus on developing the specific feature set that makes their product unique.  It supports a number of core banking product integration including products from Oracle, FIS and more.

FutureBank Partners

Built into the FutureBank platform are a number of key OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) partnership agreements that Global Kinetic have concluded which collectively enhance the capabilities of the platform.

First and foremost is the embedded Entersekt technology which secures each transaction through the platform and also secures digital channels through multi-factor authentication including biometrics.  Entersekt is an innovator in push-based authentication and app security. Built on open technologies for high availability, scalability, and simple integration, Entersekt’s patented security products protect millions of devices and transactions daily, while complying with the world’s most stringent regulatory guidelines. Enterprises across the globe look to Entersekt to strengthen the bond of trust they share with the customers and to build on those relationships by introducing compelling, user-friendly new mobile and online services.

Another key partnership in the list lives in the area of documents, bill presentment and payment.

InfoSlips is a leader in next-generation secure digital document delivery which delivers hundreds of millions of secure digital documents to millions of recipients throughout the world and is now integrated in the FutureBank platform.  InfoSlips improves deliverability while consuming data from multiple sources in order to create engaging and useful documents. Scalability allows the production process to composite and secure millions of documents a day and allows recipients to access their InfoSlips documents from any device. The partnership between Global Kinetic and InfoSlips brings this capability directly into the Issuer’s Mobile and Internet Banking applications.  This has great potential as the FinTech industry strives for less friction in Bill Payment as well as KYC (Know Your Customer) processes and increased security in the transmission and protection of a user’s personal information.

About Global Kinetic

Launching a rocket from a lighthouse

Achieving the seemingly impossible, a group of highly fueled people work together at Global Kinetic to spearhead and develop brilliant products, including some that seriously disrupt the market. One of the coolest places to work, this company has the nicest people creating amazing apps and products, which they do with flair and sheer professionalism, mixed with a dash of fun.

Steeped in expertise*, Global Kinetic makes both end-users and their clients equally happy because they get the stuff right every time. They designed and created the world’s first fully immersive gamified children’s mobile banking app in Unity for Standard Bank as one example; in another they designed and developed PayToday, the Venmo for Southern Africa. They’ve built slick and powerful mobile banking experiences for Old Mutual, Bidvest Bank and many more.

Global Kinetic is a leading software engineering company with a team of just under 100 tech-savvy and inspired developers, designers and creatives. They have great offices in Century City, as well as in Palo Alto in the US. For more information, visit www.globalkinetic.com

*Global Kinetic (GK) provides solutions across the application stack, predominantly .NET or Java deployed to Azure, AWS or physical infrastructure on the enterprise side, and native or hybrid technologies on the mobile side for Apple, Android and Windows Phone. GK implements SCRUM on all customer projects and provides professional services around the delivery, quality assurance, test automation, requirements gathering, analysis, UX/UI design and architecture.

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