Zip-Zap Circus School

The Zip-Zap Circus School is a non-profit, performing arts training centre, that uses the vehicle of the circus to inspire children from all walks of life to ‘dare to dream’ and build a better future. Global Kinetic first met the circus in 2014 where we were holding our year end function. Before meeting them, none of us realised that the circus focuses strongly on kids from our previously disadvantaged societies, as well as HIV+ kids, and that they have multiple training and food schemes on the go at all times. Kids are taken out of their daily lives into a world of fantasy where they are taught essential life skills, and where they are shown that they can be so much more than they thought possible, and that there is a future for them. This caring, family oriented environment has been made possible by the selfless hard work of Brent and Laurence, who have dedicated their lives to this cause.

Global Kinetic is very proud to be the technology sponsor of the Zip-Zap Circus School; and we appeal to others who have the means, to support the great work being done by the Zip-Zap Circus School. The school depends on external and public funding, as they unfortunately do not get the same level of funding that other performing arts, non-profit organisations receive. Please help to keep the dream alive for our future kids.