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TeamNinja and the HR Tech Fest

TeamNinja Talk:

At Global Kinetic, we felt that we were not getting a positive return on the time and effort we put into quarterly and annual reviews. The issue with annual reviews is that they are limited to one-sided feedback and the formality prevents an open feedback exchange.

Along with frustrating nearly everyone in the company, these reviews often did not reflect the reality of what was actually happening with our people and our teams.  Biased yearly reviews tends to keep performance at a standstill and can take up a lot of valuable time.

Considering the rarity of finding talented candidates in the IT industry, we needed to find a way of maximizing happiness and wellness within teams. We needed to have people work together without any issues to provide the highest quality output of work as possible.

We needed a way to do real-time reviews while reducing the high costs of lost productivity during the process. We wanted to encourage engagement and accountability within teams and to be able to intervene early should any conflict or issue arise. We want to acknowledge success as it happens, increase transparency, and we wanted to use data that we already have to create perfect teams, rather than team composition purely being a result of who is available.

Martin’s talk was a case study on how TeamNinja helped to improve the lives of everyone in our, and other companies. If you want to find out more about how it works or want Martin to speak to you, let us know.

The HR Innovation and Tech Fest

Martin Dippenaar, Ross Pickford and Ryan Berkowitz attended the annual HR Tech Fest in Sandton to discuss the new dynamic workforce product: TeamNinja. It has proven to improve project quality, billable incomes as well as people retention.

The HR and Tech Fest can be summed up as an event : “Celebrating the talent, technology and ideas that are transforming the future of work”.  The topics that were addressed in this 45 minute presentation included topics such as conflict resolution, performance assessments and management, culture assessment within the organisation and keeping employees as a number one priority.

About Global Kinetic
Global Kinetic is a leading software engineering company with a team of over 100 tech-savvy and inspired developers, engineers, designers and creatives. This group of highly fuelled people work together at Global Kinetic to spearhead and develop brilliant products, including some that seriously disrupt the market. One of the coolest places to work, this company has the nicest people creating amazing apps and products, which they do with flair and sheer professionalism, mixed with a dash of fun. Steeped in expertise*, they designed and created the world’s first fully immersive gamified children’s mobile banking app in Unity for Standard Bank as one example; in another they designed and developed PayToday, the Venmo for Southern Africa. They’ve built slick and powerful mobile banking experiences for Old Mutual, Bidvest Bank and many more. They have great offices in Century City, as well as in Palo Alto in the US. For more information, visit www.globalkinetic.com
*Global Kinetic (GK) provides enterprise solution engineering services and have capability across the application stack, predominantly .NET Core, Java or Scala deployed to Azure, AWS or physical infrastructure on the enterprise side, and native or hybrid technologies on the mobile side for Apple, Android and Windows Phone. Global Kinetic are evangelists of agile development methodologies, implementing SCRUM on customer projects and provides professional services around the delivery, quality assurance, test automation, requirements gathering, analysis, UX/UI design and architecture

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