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The Hr TechXpo and the launching of TeamNinja

2016/09/07 - San Francisco

Sergio Barbosa, Tad Bogdan and Forrest Holleman were amongst the faces who attended the HR TechXpo in San Francisco exhibiting our innovative productivity boosting product: TeamNinja.

The HR TechExpo is a well renowned conference after 34 years of success holding the flagship HR West conference in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Event aimed to showcase the intersection of HR and Technology and the different products that came this. Amongst these different products that were exhibited included our TeamNinja product.

There were around 3000 people who attended the event and we were lucky enough to get a large amount of sign ups from our exhibition!

A brief explanation of TeamNinja:

TeamNinja is also an early warning system that highlights potential conflicts and project risks, as well as an individual and performance tool. It allows you to evaluate teams, projects and individuals simultaneously and regularly, with the TeamNinja AI engine distilling the information into usable items that you can act on. TeamNinja allows companies to step away from quarterly reviews to a continuous review model with an emphasis on team accountability. Our product also allows you to select team members for teams who are most likely to provide quality output together.

The goal of TeamNinja is creating and managing perfect teams.

TeamNinja encourages engagement and accountability within teams, allowing early intervention of potential conflict, and acknowledgement of success as it happens. Increase transparency with relevant data to create perfect teams. Our product also

Our product allows  for real-time, continuous reviews with reduced costs and greater productivity.

For more on TeamNinja and achieving the perfect teams, please visit: https://www.getteamninja.com/  You can try it for as little as 5$ a month!

More exciting news is that we will be at the massive HR Tech fest in San Francisco! Join TeamNinja at 2018 HR Tech and use the Promo Code NINJA18 to Save an Extra 300.00! Register here

Why should you attend HR Tech?
HR Tech is where you need to be to ensure business success today while preparing for tomorrow. Through 75+ sessions and the Expo, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of emerging technologies accompanied by innovative strategies to optimize your organization’s people success. Hailed as the industry’s “Town Hall Meeting,” HR Tech is your once-a-year chance to learn from — and network with — industry innovators and like-minded professionals who are eager to “talk shop”!

Discover all the reasons to not miss

2018 HR Tech here.

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