Written by Ross Pickford on November 26, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in DevOps

The primary purpose of implementing a DevOps strategy for any software delivery team is to improve both velocity and quality. Improvements in quality and velocity directly translate into the following benefits for you the business:

Speed of delivery

Teams with continuous delivery pipelines can release to production more reliably and more frequently.
Releasing value to your customers faster and more often allows you to gain a competitive advantage by accelerating your time to market for innovative ideas. It also enables you to be more responsive to changing market conditions.

The faster you get features out into the market the faster you can capture the ROI on those features.

Early detection and correction of defects

Through continuous monitoring and test automation in a DevOps environment, code defects can be picked up sooner in the software development cycle and resolved with a faster turnaround time.

Early detection and resolution of defects results in improved production quality. This translates into both cost savings on expensive hotfixes as well as increased revenue from improved customer satisfaction and retention

Customer Experience

More frequent releases with automated monitoring and analytics enable businesses to obtain customer feedback in terms of needs and preferences more regularly. It also empowers businesses to respond far quicker to these customer needs and preferences.

Better quality in production, through early detection of defects as well as fast resolution to customer pain points, further drive customer satisfaction.

The ability to react fast and deploy engaging customer experiences, as well as to ensure consistent quality in service will generate customer loyalty. This in turn translates into long-term business sustainability.


DevOps reduces the time to market for innovative ideas. It supports the ability to quickly release new ideas to the market, test their success, and then further facilitate the timeous release of small improvements to maximise the value delivered to the customer.

DevOps encourages innovation not only through the principle of continuous improvement but also by freeing up creative and skilled talent. Increased efficiency and the reduction of waste obtained through the automation of repetitive tasks, allows creative and skilled talent to focus on higher value activities.

Cost Reduction

An effective DevOps strategy will save cost through automation. Automation will also provide predictability which further reduces costs.

Increased production quality through early detection of defects reduces the overall investment that needs to be made in customer support infrastructure and costly hotfix releases. It also creates long term value through customer retention.

Continuous monitoring and inspection allow you proactively prevent costly issues and allows you to scale on demand.

Faster time to market improves ROI.


A proven DevOps strategy and implementation has immense benefit to you as a business.

All Delivery Engagements here at Global Kinetic come with our built in DevOps strategy so that all of our customers can capture the benefits listed above. To find out more message us at hello@globalkinetic.com.

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