Written by admin on March 6, 2020

[Internal Mail] Employee #6

For those of you that have known us for long enough, you will know who Employee #6 is.  He has been with us for all 15 years of our brave existence and his devotion and unconditional loyalty to our cause is truly something to be celebrated.  We're not sure how we know he is a he ...we just know.  His efforts are almost superhuman. That is probably because, well, he's not human... he is a chicken.

Here's an internal mail showcasing just how well he steps in - this time when our COO was away on business in the US...

From: Ross Pickford <>
To: Loren Rose <>
Cc: Ryan Berkowitz <>
Subject: While you are jolling..


We hired a new guy to help out while you’re playing with Apples…



Not sure you need to return. This oke is good!



Ross Pickford

Head of People

Global Kinetic Software Engineers

Global Kinetic | TeamNinja | FutureBank Platform


ZA : +27 (0) 21 527 0050

USA : +1 650 798 5056



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