Her Story: Shané Stoliarova (Tech Recruiter)

by Shané Stoliarova (Tech Recruiter)

In honour of women’s month and in celebration of the strength demonstrated by the women of South Africa in 1956, we decided to put the spotlight on some of the women of Global Kinetic and asked them to share their stories and their advice to other women wanting to enter the tech industry.

How did you get started in tech?

I’ve had a love for, and relationship with, science since I was a young duckling. This led me to study Microbiology and Biochemistry in University. To make ends meet I found myself interviewing for a role as a Tech Recruiter within an agency. This was something I definitely would not have seen myself doing, but I quickly realized how much I actually enjoyed the field, especially the industry that I was recruiting for.

Being a tech recruiter forced me to learn the theory of everything, from database development to microservices architecture, and the more I learned, the more curious I became.

Then, on a magnificent day – I found Global Kinetic! When I came across GK’s website, I remember thinking to myself how interesting it would be to work for a software development company as a recruiter, instead of at a recruitment agency. Boy, I did not realize how big an impact that little job ad would have on my life.

The environment and people at Global Kinetic inspire me every day, so I took up a full Web Development course. The more I studied and developed the more I realized how beautifully complex, yet simple, the development world is. How similar it was to science; there is a solution to a problem and all it takes is a curious mind to find the right answer. Every day I learn and grow and that to me is the most fulfilling way to live my life.

 What were/are the challenges you face?

I had no prior experience in Software Development whatsoever. I did not know what, where, or how, to start. All I knew was that every day I went to work and from overhearing conversations near the espresso machine, or the excited chatter of developers exiting a meeting room after a 2-hour grooming session, I knew I wanted to know more and I was going to do everything I could to learn how.

So, I asked anyone and everyone what their thoughts were when starting a development journey. I went onto YouTube, StackOverflow, Quora; you name it. If there was a pigeon service for beginners, I would have signed up for that as well.

I was bombarded with tons of information! There was so much to choose from: Full Stack? Back End? Front End? Which language? HELP!

So, after getting my thoughts in order I took a breath and started having more conversations with the developers at work. I found that the more I asked, the more help I received. All the advice helped me formulate the path I wanted to take and I felt like nothing was going to stop me from doing what I had set my mind out to do.

I was ready to take on the world!

By all means, I still have a journey ahead of me. If I have to sit back and think of where I was last year, and how far I’ve come along in my studies, I could not be prouder.

 What do you love about working in the tech industry:

I love walking into a room surrounded by what I like to call “beautiful minds”. Every single person shares a single passion and love, and that is a love for technology. You can get stuck on one problem and find so many people willing to sit down and help you tackle the issue. Ideas, thoughts, and suggestions ping pong across the room like an energized bouncing ball. In this industry, people help each other not because they are expected to, but because they choose to, because technology excites them. That to me is the best thing about working in the tech industry.

 Your advice to other women in the industry / girls wanting to join the industry:

My best advice to all the curious women out there is: ‘do not be afraid of reaching out a hand for help’.

I reached out with one hand and five reached back to pull me forward. There is a whole community out there to help you get started. All you have to do is look for it.