Written by Global Kinetic on June 3, 2021

11th ICT Conference Tech Revolution - A Review

11th ICT Conference Tech Revolution Review

by Dan Meyer

I was privileged to represent Global Kinetic at the 11th ICT Conference Tech Revolution in Cyprus on 2nd June.

We had speakers from the public sector, including the deputy minister for research, innovation and digital policy, as well as the secretary of CITEA – Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association. Presenters from the private sector in Cyprus, and across Europe, represented Google, Twitter, Siemens, Huawei, Microsoft, and many more.

The hot topics of discussion were around the IT opportunities in Cyprus, and the incentives and efforts to attract IT companies to headquarter in Cyprus. We also spoke at length on how both IT providers and consumers have changed behaviour. Google shared statistics on the acceleration of online spending, and we saw how consumers have become more discerning given the power of online searches and comparisons, and a breakthrough in the trust of online payment mechanisms, across all age groups.

What I found encouraging when we discussed IT methodologies and ways of working, including DevOps, Agile, and remote working, is that Global Kinetic is at the leading edge of IT strategy and forward-thinking. The tools and techniques we have had in place for a few years already are only now achieving wider penetration.

Huawei gave a compelling insight into 5G, and the technologies it will enable down the line, such as personal health, gaming, home automation and autonomous driving. These are theoretically already all possible; however, a truly seamless and reliable experience will require at least 5G. As an example, every autonomous car is individually expected to generate and transmit/receive 4 Terabytes of data per day.

Spiros Loizou, the CIO of Eurobank Cyprus, spoke of the need to step up technology in the banking industry. One example is the use of AI to automate the processing of new applications, and reduce the churn created by false positives.

The conference was a great showcase of Cyprus and European IT services, as well as encouraging support from the appropriate government bodies and associations.

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