Written by Global Kinetic on May 11, 2022

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Global Kinetic’s racking up air miles this May and June flying between four big events in the fintech calendar. Here’s a heads up on what’s going down.

If you’re going to San Francisco…

FinovateSpring fintech event

First up, it’s Martin Dippenaar and Sergio Barbosa at Finovate Spring (San Francisco, 18–20 May). Our CEO and CIO are no strangers to Finovate, but it’s been a while since they were able to join their fintech peers, financial institution executives, industry analysts, and VCs at this demo-centered conference and expo. 

We know Sergio will make a beeline for the "executive reboot" for chief innovation/transformation officers, which will center on tech innovation at regional and independent community banks and the role that fintech partnerships and BaaS can play. There’s also a discussion about how community banks and credit unions can compete in a digital world, which is something he’s written about more than once. Friday may find him at a panel discussion about strategic partnerships driving digital transformation.

Martin’s sure to catch at least one of Thursday’s panel discussions on fintech markets, investment trends, and future focus, and may be tempted by technology futurist Ian Khan painting a picture of the next 25 years in fintech. That’s a seriously big crystal ball!

And wouldn’t anyone want to hear Starling Bank founder Anne Boden describe in just 15 minutes "Why Digital Transformation Projects Generally Fail – And How To Make Sure Yours Doesn’t" or listen to Sam Kilmer at Cornerstone Advisors explain "How Embedded Finance Can Generate Over $100 Billion in Revenue for Banks" just as quickly. What, no time for questions?

We’re also curious to hear from Martin and Sergio what they thought of product demos by Agent IQ (digital engagement), Axway (API management), DocFox (account onboarding), eBankIT (omnichannel banking), Finicity (data aggregation), Finzly (open banking), Identomat (KYC and identity verification), and Skyflow (data privacy). Take notes, guys! Live tweet us, maybe? 

Or speed dating in New York

LendIt - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

After spending time at our Palo Alto office, Martin and Sergio will land at LendIt Fintech (New York City, 25–26 May). Sergio has described this event as great for networking with its business speed-dating–like functions. 

LendIt’s agenda is still being finalized, but you’ll find a lot of potential if you sift through the TBDs. Compared to Finovate, there is less on the fintech industry itself but more on crypto, still more on fintechs serving the underbanked, and a lot more on government policy and regulation.

Sessions are a traditional length, so you’d want to pick them carefully. We’d rate Martin and Sergio’s chances Good to Very Good with most of the Embedded Finance stream, especially “Embedded Finance, New Technology Stacks and the Future of Consumer Banking” and “What Security Risks and Fraud Vectors Follow the Embedded Shift?”.

If their speed dating schedule allows, they might also be able to fit in sessions like “Building a Neobank from Scratch: Foundation, Core, and Vendors”, “Bridging Traditional and Decentralized Finance to Unlock the Most Value for Consumers”, and “The Secrets of a Successful Fintech Partnership”. 

Shopping in Dubai, maybe?

Seamless MENA 2022 - 2022-05-31 - Crunchbase Event Profile

Then onto Seamless Middle East (Dubai, 31 May – 1 June), where Global Kinetic’s FutureBank open banking platform has a stand and a 15-minute demo slot. Sergio will be joined there by Cyprus-based Dan Meyer, who heads Global Kinetic’s new business development in the Middle East and Europe. 

Looking at the agenda and focusing on fintech, financial services, and payments, topics that recur very frequently this year are biometrics; digital identity and eKYC; the payments user experience; and, most strikingly, the cashless society and financial inclusivity and literacy.

By this stage in his intensive three-week tech trek, you’d forgive Sergio if he sat out most presentations, dallied over breakfast with a business partner, ran an extra kilometer at the hotel gym, or stared blankly at a bottle of Fiji Water / Christiane Amanpour / a gold tap. There’s a lot to see, but you can watch the recordings back at home.

In any case, the action will be at the FutureBank stand (H62), where the guys will be on hand to explain how this remarkable platform and fintech marketplace works.

Catching up in Amsterdam

Money 20/20 Europe - 2021-09-21 - Crunchbase Event Profile

See, this is what happens when you sit conferences out for a while. This year, Money20/20 Europe (7–9 June) has seen fit to set up a Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’ Roll Club at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. Still mostly TBD at the time of writing, listed sessions cover CBD oil and Satoshi Nakamoto’s belly

That sounds like one hell of a bad trip. But Dan Meyer will brave the corridors nonetheless. Global Kinetic is a system integration partner to the card issuer and processor Paymentology, which is an event sponsor, so you’ll be certain to find Dan at its stand, at least some of the time.

What’s hot at Money20/20 that isn’t cannabis-derived? Crypto, with sessions delving into Web3, DLT, DeFi, SSI, NFTs, the metaverse, and whether or not it’s all hype. Other themes are embedded finance, open banking, European digital identity, European payments infrastructure, SMEs, bank–fintech partnerships, sustainability (or the lack of it) in financial services, and something JP Morgan calls “consumerism”.

Also Anne Boden. Is she ever in the office.


Martin, Sergio, and Dan would love to meet up for a coffee / beer / Fiji Water at any of these events. Give them a call, pop them an email, or message them on LinkedIn. 

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