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Prompt engineering can slash development time - in the right hands

By External Source on May 21, 2024
Source: ITWeb Dewald Mienie, Head of Architecture and Technology at Global Kinetic. The rise of prompt engineering has given software developers a unique opportunity to drive efficiencies. But only if they have the right skills to properly define requests, are very clear about how they manage the process, and formulate ruthlessly transparent policies that are […]

Software Developers Must Protect Themselves And Clients From GenAI Risks

By External Source on March 26, 2024
Source: TechFinancials The latest PWC insight shows that a large number of CEOs have embraced the efficiencies that generative AI can bring to their business, with 51% of respondents saying they had already integrated AI into business operations. However, software development specialist, Global Kinetic, has warned that IT leaders should still exercise some caution, especially […]

Partnering to bridge the gap in creating digital value

By External Source on February 29, 2024
Source: PR / External Global Kinetic and Immersion Group has entered into a co-development partnership to solve for creating value through digital experience, bringing market-leading strategies, ways of work and global delivery expertise to create and deliver a clear competitive digital advantage. In today's complex business environment, the value potential of product experiences often dissipates […]

Africa Tech Festival: We're at AfricaCom!

By Global Kinetic on October 10, 2023
AfricaCom 2023 isn't just another tech event—it's the beating heart of Africa's tech industry. With over 15,000 tech enthusiasts in attendance, this event serves as a convergence point for industry leaders, visionaries, and innovative companies like ours. It's a vibrant celebration of the boundless potential that technology holds, not just for Africa but for the […]

Sergio Barbosa: Radical rethink needed to keep local companies innovating

By External Source on September 26, 2023
South Africa's innovation ranking is slipping, but with the right funding and a shift in strategy, it can regain its innovative edge. Learn how businesses can invest in innovation, leverage tax incentives, and embrace external partnerships for a brighter future

Realistic view of innovation prevents rash investment

By External Source on September 7, 2023
[Original Source: TechCentral] While many companies take a big bang, glamorous approach to the design of new products and features, real innovation lies in simply revolutionising existing processes or better understanding the customer — especially in the financial sector where processes are still deeply inefficient. Shareholder demand for innovation – often taking companies into high-risk, uncharted […]
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