Our Peeps™ love coming to work every day

"I love working in GK because I am constantly learning new things in my career, I don't feel stagnant and the peeps are full of high energy making GK a great atmosphere to work in." ~ Lebo
"I love working at GK because everyone has a seat at the table, not only are your views and ideas heard but they are supported as well. GK is a family that helps one another develop and grow even the Ginger kid feels loved and supported" ~ The Ginger Kid
"The culture of integrity and authenticity" ~ Victor
"Well, I absolutely adore that free food finds it's way to me at the comfort of my desk. Also, the people here are pretty darn cool too." ~ Chloe
"It's the company culture. Being able to come to work each day, and not feeling like you're being micromanaged makes me want to deliver my best, and contribute to the team (and client's) success." ~ Shane
"Great environment, Great people, Great work culture and lunch is free!" ~ Zelda
"The culture in GK is like a loving family. Everyone encourages each other to do better while dissing one another at the same time." ~ James
"GK has the most advanced and innovative QA business unit in SA. That's why I like working here." ~ Melikhaya
"People don't look at me funny if I forget my shoes at home." ~ Niel J
"Because I'm surrounded by genuinely good people." ~ Gary
"Love the different food caterers, as we are fed daily. Tech sessions are also fun and engaging from a QA or upskilling perspective." ~ Khuthele