Three keys to digital innovation at scale

Our core team at Global Kinetic helped develop and built the first-of-its-kind digital bank in the southern hemisphere way back in 2002 using XP, long before fintech and agile were even a thing, so we have ground-level knowledge of the challenges involved. In an environment in which there’s no room for error, we’ve distilled what we believe are the three components necessary to deliver software innovation at scale.

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11th ICT Conference Tech Revolution – A Review


11th ICT Conference Tech Revolution Review by Dan Meyer I was privileged to represent Global Kinetic at the 11th ICT Conference Tech Revolution in Cyprus on 2nd June. We had speakers from the public sector, including the deputy minister for research, innovation and digital policy, as well as the secretary…

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Her Story: Lorén Rose, Global Kinetic COO

by Lorén Rose

In honour of women’s month and in celebration of the strength demonstrated by the women of South Africa in 1956, we decided to put the spotlight on some of the women of Global Kinetic and asked them to share their stories and their advice to other women wanting to enter the tech industry. 

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Episode 3: A QA Odyssey – Rebuilding

Episode 3: Rebuilding In the previous episodes, we discussed why we decided to radically alter our QA processes and how we work. We discussed the importance of having the right leadership approach. If you have missed these, click here to go to the first episode. Changing culture is hard. In…

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