Global Kinetic provides an end-to-end Managed Software Engineering service on a time and materials basis.

Once your requirements have been clarified during our Discovery Engagement we will provision you with an MVT (Minimum Viable Team) consisting of software engineers , quality automation engineers,  business analysts and  project management (along with dedicated time from supporting functions Architecture, DevOps, Platform Leads and UX/Design)  whose sole responsibility it is to deliver you the most value in the shortest time in a predictable and efficient manner.

The  team would be located at the Global Kinetic premises and would deliver the software remotely.  This allows the team to leverage off technology expertise of the company as a whole if and when required.

There are 2 phases to delivery :

Project initiation

The purpose of the initiation phase is to setup all the project infrastructure required to enable to the team to start delivering features, this includes the provisioning of:

  • IDE, Solutions and Projects
  • Source Control and Source Control Strategy
  • Package Managers (Artifactory, NPM)
  • Continuous inspection
  • Build and deploy pipeline
  • Test automation framework
  • Analysis plan
  • Project management framework

Incremental Delivery

Incremental delivery and release of production ready features off a prioritized Product Backlog using the SCRUM methodology.

The SCRUM process is utilized by Global Kinetic as it proactively prevents communication challenges by creating regular and specific touch points (the 5 SCRUM Ceremonies) between members of the team and the customer.

The following are the Services provided during incremental delivery phase :

  • Architecture
  • Business Analysis and Design
  • UX, Wire Framing, design & prototyping
  • Software engineering
  • Quality assessment
  • Agile Project Management
  • Release management of code into the various environments

We have a mature DevOps competency with the teams currently moving toward measured in the maturity model. We are heavily focused on continuous delivery (CD) which is a software strategy that enables organizations to deliver new features to users as fast and efficiently as possible by focusing on creating repeatable, reliable and incrementally improving processes

Duration: 6-12 Months

Team: 5-9 People