We’re passionate about building great software.

A Discovery is a Global Kinetic client engagement offering that includes a set of collaborative activities run with cross-disciplinary teams, to make sure enough information is shared, to start delivery with the best possible chance of success.

Discovery may involve verification of a concept and/or putting the building blocks in place to allow a delivery team to start sprinting.  This preparation can be for your own delivery teams or for our Delivery Engagement that we offer.

Activities include:

  • Validating and aligning on expected outcomes
  • Clarifying Scope
  • Identifying Dependencies
  • Exploring Technical Feasibility
  • Define ways of working

Who needs Discovery?

  • Start-up: You have an idea for a software product and are seeking guidance and costings to build your product
  • Head of Product: You have a business case that requires a proof of concept or prototype to demonstrate viability
  • IT Manager: You have issues in your systems landscape and need a clear view of how to move forward
  • Digital Lead: You are looking to modernize your systems & business processes, and need help in going digital
  • Development Manager: You are looking for additional expertise outside of your development team
  • C.I.O.: You are looking to perform a strategic expansion and/or overhauling your systems architecture

Concept Verification:

Let’s confirm what you want to build:

  • Want to show someone the concept is worth funding?
  • Have a technical problem that needs solving?
  • Prototype/PoC/Single Feature MVP
  • Just enough analysis to prove the domain or flow
  • Provide assessment and estimate to support discovery conclusions

Discovery for Delivery:

Let’s get to the detail of how to build your solution:

  • Enterprise/Solution Architecture & Integration
  • High level product domain understanding
  • High fidelity designs
  • Scoping for MVP and beyond
  • Detailed solution proposal and/or implementation document and cost estimate

Duration: 1-3 months

Team: 3-6 people