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Our process explained

We start every project off with a Discovery phase.  It is a set of collaborative activities run by a cross-disciplinary team to make sure enough information is shared so that development can start with the best possible chance of success.

What will I get out of the discovery phase?

In short, the Discovery phase produces a blueprint for success.  This blueprint is a collection of artefacts that range from technical architecture and feature scope documents, to execution strategies and plans.  We also produce prototypes and proof-of-concept software artefacts for any feasibility studies that need to be performed.  There are four steps in the Discovery phase.  The Identify and Assess steps are where we take stock of everything.  The Design and Plan steps are where we produce the blueprint for you.
What is the discovery phaseRisk of not having a discovery phase

What are the risks of building a product without a discovery phase?

There are two key aspects to building and launching a successful digital product into the market, building things right and building the right thing.  Without a proper Discovery phase, you run the risk of building the wrong solution, one that doesn't meet your success criteria.  The long term cost of building the wrong solution can be insurmountable and result in the untimely death of a digital product.  A proper Discovery can not only guarantee the successful delivery of a Market Ready Product, but it can also enable you to reach Product Maturity and stay ahead of your competition.

Who’s involved in the discovery phase?

We provision a dedicated team led by a Discovery Manager that manages the entire process end-to-end and gets you ready to start developing your Market Ready Product.  This dedicated team has a core competency group consisting of architect, analyst and designer, and is augmented by subject matter experts as needed.  This dedicated team works together with you and your subject matter experts to produce the blueprint for success.
Discovery Involvement

"Global Kinetic is not just a world-class quality software development company, with talented people, but a team that walks the challenging road with you – from idea to delivery to market and beyond."

Alan Burger
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Connect us with the person who has the vision for your new digital product, and we will do the rest.
New Product Launch

1 Month

We will have a common understanding of what success means for you.
New Product Launch

2 Months

We will have completed an assessment of the target environment and challenges that we will face together.
New Product Launch

3 Months

We will have a design and a plan for you that will guarantee success, and be ready to build your product.

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