Powering Innovative Banks and FinTechs

Use the FutureBank Platform to help you launch Banking and Financial Services products better, faster and more securely than anybody else.

We use our integration technology and partner network to deliver embedded finance as a platform.

A scalable, secure, customizable and compliant platform that you can own and evolve over time.


Account opening capabilities and a single view of customer across multiple core banking and payment systems


Connectivity to card, ACH, e-commerce and crypto payment rails as well as settlement and reconciliation services


Issue personalized cards and set card limits and controls programmatically


Initiate the movement of money to and from multiple stores of value including a wide range of Billers


We provide the connectivity to a wide range of investment instruments from our partner network including share trading brokerages, asset management firms, cryptocurrency exchanges and more.


We provide connectivity to a wide range of lending core systems and lending providers from our partner network


We provide connectivity to a wide range of insurance providers from our partner network.


We provide the ability to create and manage a loyalty program and connect it to your banking and financial services offering through our loyalty partners and their merchant enabled network.

For Fintechs

You don't have to be a bank to offer banking. Embed banking and financial services directly within your customer journeys through one simple integration. Use FutureBank to create the technology integration foundation that will help your business scale through partnerships.
Embed financial services like BNPL and Lending
Integrate Payment-as-a-Service
Integrate Loyalty, Insurance and and scale partnerships
Create a futureproof technology foundation
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For fintechsFor banks

For Banks

Create the best experience for your customers, partners and developers. Make integration simple and scale through partnerships. Meet the demands of the market and the regulators in secure and customizable way.
Launching a new Digital Bank
Bank Modernization
Providing a Banking-as-a-Service or Embedded Finance solution
Customer Experience and Developer/Partner Experience
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