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We guide you through the process of realizing a novel idea that can bring about meaningful change and value to individuals, organizations, or society as a whole.

Innovation Team

History tells us that some of the most successful innovations started off with a crazy idea, and took nothing short of a miracle to bring to life.  We combine Design Sprints with our trusted delivery model to help you deliver innovation.

Design sprint

Design Sprints encourage original thinking through experimentation and iteration.  Because of their focus on sketching and prototyping, it is possible to explore ideas that would typically be rejected out of hand.  We compress design thinking methods into a robust process that a team can do in one to two weeks.  We get you to a go/no-go decision of whether it makes sense to proceed into a Discovery phase, or to pivot and run another Design Sprint. 
Design SprintProduct Discovery Phase


The Discovery phase is a set of collaborative activities run by a cross-disciplinary team to make sure enough information is shared so that development can start with the best possible chance of success. It involves the assessment of design, architecture, requirements, tools, team and processes. Most importantly though, this phase ensures that you are building the right solution for your desired outcomes. Through Discovery we reduce the risks and minimize the costs associated with software development, and set you up for success.

Market ready product

Once the critical path in the Discovery phase is complete, the feature development of your digital product can begin. Features are prioritized, designed, developed, automated and released incrementally to a growing target audience. We believe in the concept of a Market Ready Product, because a Minimum Viable Product is just not good enough. We plot a course to getting your product into the hands of your customers quickly, so you can get meaningful feedback loops in place, and respond in a predictable and high quality manner.
Product Maturity

Product maturity

Scaling your software product after its initial successes requires experience and discipline. We help you drive the efficiency and effectiveness of your solution to full maturity. Our Our Site Reliability Engineering Team (SRE) guarantees availability and provides early warnings as volumes grow. Releasing new updates in a high quality and predictable manner to your customers builds trust and enables you to exceed their expectations and beat the competition.

Business as Usual

Bringing an outsourced project back in-house has many challenges. Our Digital Transformation methodology guarantees knowledge transfer and a smooth transition into your existing operational environment. We provide an environment where your team members can co-create and co-support within our teams and learn in a practical, hands on way how your new digital product operates. This approach guarantees that your team is equipment to manage and operate your new digital product into the future.
Product Business as Usual

"Global Kinetic is not just a world-class quality software development company, with talented people, but a team that walks the challenging road with you – from idea to delivery to market and beyond."

Alan Burger
InfoSlips Inc.


Connect us with the person who has the crazy, wild idea, and we will do the rest.
New Product Launch

1 Month

We will put your crazy, wild idea through its paces and get you to a go/no-go decision with a prototype.
New Product Launch

3 Months

If your crazy, wild idea has legs, we will get you a blueprint for success in under 3 months.
New Product Launch

6 Months

We will deliver your new innovation as a Market Ready Product in the 6 months thereafter.

How can we help?

We provide fully managed, enterprise-grade, software engineering teams to meet your business objectives and bring your digital product strategies to life.