Building software that helps make the world a better place is something that is very close to our hearts. Being a good citizen of the universe is one of our 5 core values, so its no wonder we enjoy working in the Healthcare, Education and Emergency Services industries. There are interesting similarities too in the design characteristics to the FinTech and Banking industries, for example, accuracy of information, high availability, protection of personal information, privacy and security. These are all aspects of software engineering and architecture that we understand intimately well. Here are a few examples of some of the work that we have done in this space.

Global track and trace of medicine from manufacture to consumption

The design and development of a custom content management engine that enabled pharmaceutical manufacturers to publish PIL, SKU and batch information for their products to a unique code rendered in multiple formats including QR and other common barcode formats, allowing anyone in the supply chain to interact with a single unit to attach additional context, including geotracking information.

Min Team Size: 3
Max Team Size: 8
Project Duration: 48 months
Engineering Days: 1,645 days
Production Defects: 4
Availability: 98,24%

Large scale emergency response dispatch and real-time tracking

The design, architecture and development of a first responder application to leverage enhanced native mapping (GIS) and navigation capabilities for specific first responder devices.  The project involved the migrating of existing software to a newer technology stack in a way that the product could continue its functional expansion during the migration.

Min Team Size: 3
Max Team Size: 12
Project Duration: 12 months
Engineering Days: 2,247 days
Production Defects: 0
Availability: 100%

Distributed Learner Management and Tuition

The design, development and support of a distributed Learner Management system for a regional franchise consisting of over 180 learning centers.  Course content is controlled centrally and distributed to centers.  Includes support for distance learning through online course content delivery.

Min Team Size: 3
Max Team Size: 12
Project Duration: 60 months
Engineering Days: 7,403 days
Production Defects: 4
Availability: 98,87%

49,113 Days

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15 Months

Average Project Duration

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Chief Executive Officer – Pharma Logistics Company

Global Kinetic really understood our requirement and helped us create a truly unique and world class product.  We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Chief Technology Officer – Emergency Response Solution Provider

We have had a great experience working with Global Kinetic.  Their attention to detail and support as an extended team make them an invaluable partner in our journey.

Managing Director – Large Education Institution

Global Kinetic have exceeded our expectations in every way. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.