Market Ready Product

We deliver great software into the hands of your customers, early and frequently.  Feedback from the market is essential to guarantee the success of your digital product.

Our process explained

Once the critical path in the Discovery phase is complete, the feature development of your digital product can begin. Features are prioritized, designed, developed, automated and released incrementally to a growing target audience until market readiness.

What is a Market Ready Product?

We believe in the concept of a Market Ready Product, because a Minimum Viable Product is just not good enough. We plot a course to getting your product into the hands of your customers quickly, so you can get meaningful feedback loops in place, and respond in a predictable and high quality manner.  There is a point at which your product has all the features it needs to be shared with a maximum audience.  This is when the product is market ready.
Steps in Market Ready Product

What steps are involved in getting a product to market?

Once the Discovery is complete, a software delivery team is formed to start designing developing and releasing the features of your product.  Features are implemented in an order of priority such that we can get a meaningful version of the software product into the hands of the user as quickly as possible.  A production ready version of the software is made available to users at least every 2 weeks.  The delivery team follows the SCRUM methodology during delivery so that clearly defined touchpoints between the delivery team and you can be set by the team's Delivery Manager.

"Global Kinetic is not just a world-class quality software development company, with talented people, but a team that walks the challenging road with you – from idea to delivery to market and beyond."

Alan Burger
InfoSlips Inc.

Who’s involved in the Market Ready Product phase?

We work closely with your Product Owner, Product Team and any subject matter experts and technical contacts that may be needed by our software delivery team. Our team is led by a Delivery Manager, who is your key point of contact with us, and who is always closely supported by a Development Lead and Business/Product Analyst.  Developers and SDET are added according to the required technology stack, and the team is finally rounded off by a UX Designer and Technology/Platform Leads/Subject Matter Experts from our side as needed.
Discovery Involvement


After completing Discovery we bring your digital product to life and put it in the hands of your customers.
New Product Launch

2 Weeks

Production ready software increments released into the hands of your target audience every 2 weeks.
New Product Launch

6 Months

We guarantee a Market Ready Product within 6 months after Discovery, a product that you can scale.
New Product Launch

9 Months

We guarantee product stability within 9 months after Discovery has completed.

How can we help?

We provide fully managed, enterprise-grade, software engineering teams to meet your business objectives and bring your digital product strategies to life.