D360 | Launching a Digital Bank

We played a key role in the launch of D360, a digital bank set to revolutionize the traditional banking landscape in Saudi Arabia.
Accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, D360 seamlessly integrates into the Saudi Payments Network, enabling users to conveniently settle bills and access various government services.

Key features 

Technologies: IOS; Android; .NET; Java; Kubernetes; Traefik; Postgres; Kafka; KeyVault
Integrations: Paymentology, Checkout, Wise, Napier, Entersekt, Thunes, AIG
Features: Local Transfers, International Transfers, Saudi Payments Network,
Account Creation; Customer Screening; Real-time Card Creation and shipping.

Project metrics

Team Size: 4 - 16 people
Duration: 8 months / 741 Engineering days
Quality: 0 Production Defects
100% Availability
Let us create a digital bank for you.