RapidDeploy | Emergency response in the cloud 

RapidDeploy is a transformative project aimed at enhancing the capabilities of first responders through an innovative application leveraging advanced native mapping (GIS) and navigation features. This initiative represents a seamless migration from legacy systems to a modern technology stack, ensuring uninterrupted functionality while paving the way for future expansion. Join us as we delve into the intricate design, architecture, and development process that promises to revolutionize how first responders navigate and respond to emergencies.

Key features 

The application harnesses cutting-edge GIS technology to provide first responders with real-time, detailed geographical information crucial for effective emergency response.
Technology: .Net Core, SQL, Azure, Java, K6, Typescript, Angular, RxJS, Tailwind, and Node.

Project details

Team Size: 3 – 12 People
Project Duration: 12 Months, 2,247 Engineering Days
Quality: 0 Production Defects, 100% Availability
Let us create a rapid response platform for you today.