FIS Global joined forces with information specialist Equifax to create OnlyID, a digital authentication solution that was to enable consumers to make secure transactions across multiple online accounts without passwords.

Working with our technology partner, Entersekt, who provided the strong authentication technology platform, Global Kinetic was commissioned to help provide software engineering and systems integration expertise to help build the native mobile apps, demonstrating secure authentication and authorization of secure transactions and the building of a public portal and a private consumer portal that allowed consumers to manage multiple accounts, and integrate with back-end services provided by FIS and Equifax.

   Building a world-class and award-winning mobile identity and authentication app, integrating with a strong authentication platform, a credit reporting agency, and a leading banking software provider. 

Is There One Metric That Matters?

Continuous delivery of software, despite complex interdependencies with other parties and technology environments. We were able to deliver fully tested code every 2 weeks, despite dependencies on numerous 3rd parties both from a systems and team perspective.



Project Deliverables | Finding The Right Solutions

Key Deliverables: Native Android & iOS mobile application, embedding and integrating the Entersekt SDK to FIS and Equifax back-end systems Angular web applications for a public facing marketing portal, and a private consumer portal, integrating with FIS back-end systems to allow consumers to manage their accounts and profile on OnlyID. Android and iOS mobile app SDKs, and sample Android and iOS applications using the OnlyID platform for reference to 3rd party developers.

Award winning Digital Authentication Solution:

2018 American Business Awards Gold Winner

OnlyID has proved to be a success and has won awards from the American Business Awards in 2018. The product had been awarded with two gold wins in different categories. One being the best Fintech Solution and the second being the best marketing kit.

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