Product Maturity

Scaling your software product after its initial successes requires experience and discipline. We help you drive the efficiency and effectiveness of your solution to full maturity.

Our process explained

Our Site Reliability Engineering Team (SRE) guarantees availability and provides early warnings and insights as volumes grow. Releasing updates in a high quality and predictable manner builds trust with your customers and enables you to exceed their expectations and beat the competition.

When is the right time to move into the Product Maturity phase?

This can vary from project to project, but a key indicator is the predictability of the software development team.  Once the process of delivering new features is entrenched in the team and the delivery of new features team is predictable, it is time to move into the Product Maturity phase.  All the guard rails should be in place to support more juniors on the team.  The number of technical decisions should have started tapering off, the complexity is lowering along along with the number of support issues.
Product MaturitySteps to take Product Maturity

What steps are involved in getting to product maturity?

Additional software development or scale teams can be formed to work alongside the Market Ready Product team to increase the overall software delivery output.  These additional software development teams follow the same process as the Market Ready Product team to design, develop and release additional features in parallel.  During this phase, additional planning activities take place to co-ordinate the delivery efforts across multiple software development teams.  These activities can include Scrum-of-scrums (SoS) and Big Room Planning (BRP) ceremonies in-line with the Scaled-Agile-Framework (SAFE).

Who’s involved in the Product Maturity phase?

All software development teams work closely with their respective Product Owners,  but leverage the broader Product Team, any subject matter experts and technical contacts that may be needed. The overall effort is led by the Market Ready Product Delivery Manager, who is your key point of contact with us and co-ordinates activities across all the teams.  Each team is led by an Agile Project Manager who is always closely supported by a Development Lead and Business/Product Analyst. Developers and SDET are added according to the required technology stack with a balance of senior and junior experience levels as maturity increases.
Discovery Involvement

"Global Kinetic is not just a world-class quality software development company, with talented people, but a team that walks the challenging road with you – from idea to delivery to market and beyond."

Alan Burger
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Alongside your production support teams we will deliver valuable, high quality upgrades in a predictable manner to your customers.
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High Availability

You can expect 99.99% software availability for all software that we make for you.
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Near Zero Defect

You can expect less than 1 defect in a Production Environment annually (0.76 defects to be exact).
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Valuable Upgrades

Production ready software updates every 2 weeks driven by customer data and insights.

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We provide fully managed, enterprise-grade, software engineering teams to meet your business objectives and bring your digital product strategies to life.