With the current global situation, now more than ever, companies are needing to digitally transform their businesses in order to survive and remain competitive against a changing and unpredictable landscape. Companies will need to become increasingly adaptable at increasing their digital offerings, as well as their speed to market, in order to secure business continuity.

Now is the time for rapid and large-scale digital transformation.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the journey a company takes to establish a digital competency and presence in order to be more effective and remain competitive. At its core, it is a fundamental redesign of how a company engages people, processes, and technology, to deliver value to their customers.

Why embark on digital transformation?

  1. To become more efficient,
  2. To deliver value to customers more often,
  3. To become adaptable to fast changing environment and shifting customer expectations,
  4. To counter disruption from new entrants into the market,
  5. To stay relevant.

What are the pillars for a successful digital transformation

  1. People — Having people with the right skills, the appropriate mindset, and level of seniority and maturity is critically important for the success of a digital transformation.
  2. Process — To succeed you need to fully embrace a proven Agile methodology. If your team is new to agile delivery it would be best to pair with a development partner that can guide you and assist you with refining your process and getting your team up and running quickly.
  3. Technology — Technology serves as the catalyst for, the output of, and the tool used to deliver digital transformation. Make sure you invest in the appropriate DevOps tools to enable your team to succeed.
  4. Culture — Digital transformation is at its essence a cultural change, you will need to instil the correct behaviours across your company to serve as the foundation to developing a high-performance culture.

We have helped many of our clients transform their businesses: whether by adopting new processes, technologies, automation or approaches to teams. We also continually transform our own business. Our engagements of Discovery, Delivery and Support are designed to advance Digital Transformation.

Duration: 6-24 Months

Team: 6+ People