Modernize your digital world

We help you through the strategic enhancement of your existing technology to fundamentally improve business processes, operations, and customer experiences, enabling you to adapt, compete, and thrive in the digital age.


Software degrades over time, and new technologies are constantly flooding the market.  Its difficult to stay ahead and remain competitive.  We combine our Current State Assessments with our trusted delivery methodology to help you upgrade and enhance your existing technology landscape.  

Current State Assessment

The modernization journey beings with an assessment of the design, architecture, requirements, tools, team and processes currently in place across your technology landscape.  Particular focus is given to the areas where the modernization activities are required and in line with your strategic goals and success outcomes.  Through this process we identify the opportunities and risks associated with the digital transformation that lays ahead.  We also assess who the right partners are for you in your journey.
Current State AssesmentProduct Discovery Phase


The Current State Assessment is a pre-requisite to starting Discovery on a digital transformation journey.  Discovery is a set of collaborative activities run by a cross-disciplinary team to make sure enough information is shared so that development can start with the best possible chance of success.  It involves the assessment of the target design, architecture, requirements, tools, team and processes and a roadmap to get there.  Most importantly though, this phase ensures that you are building the right solution for your desired outcomes.  Through Discovery we reduce the risks and minimize the costs associated with software development, and set you up for success.

Digital Transformation

Once the critical path in the Discovery phase is complete, the modernization of your existing technology landscape can begin. Features are prioritized, designed, developed, automated and released incrementally to a growing target audience. We believe in the concept of a Market Ready Product, because a Minimum Viable Product is just not good enough. We plot a course to getting your enhanced product offering into the hands of your customers quickly, so you can get meaningful feedback loops in place, and respond in a predictable and high quality manner.
Digital TransformationProduct Business as Usual

Business as Usual

Bringing an outsourced project back in-house has many challenges. Our Digital Transformation methodology guarantees knowledge transfer and a smooth transition into your existing operational environment. We provide an environment where your team members can co-create and co-support within our teams and learn in a practical, hands on way how your new digital product operates. This approach guarantees that your team is equipment to manage and operate your new digital product into the future.

"Global Kinetic is not just a world-class quality software development company, with talented people, but a team that walks the challenging road with you – from idea to delivery to market and beyond."

Alan Burger
InfoSlips Inc.


Connect us with the person who looks after your existing technology landscape, and we will do the rest.
New Product Launch

1 Months

We will provide you with an independent risk assessment of your existing technology landscape.
New Product Launch

3 Months

If there is light at the end of the tunnel, we will get you a blueprint for success in 3 months.
New Product Launch

9 Months

We will deliver a Market Ready Upgrade of your existing technology landscape in parallel to your existing teams.

How can we help?

We provide fully managed, enterprise-grade, software engineering teams to meet your business objectives and bring your digital product strategies to life.