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We invest in our people to enable them to deliver their best, to inspire them, to have a deep understanding of software engineering, and to understand the needs and complexities of our clients.
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Your career is important to us

We value you and we want you to be the best version of yourself possible. Your career goals are yours to own, and ours to nurture.

Technology is core, current and cool

Everyone at Global Kinetic loves technology. From the latest gadgets, operating systems, and new languages – there is a place for it all. Global Kinetic keeps at the fore of technology changes, yet is mindful that new is not always better, and simplicity is always key. The right tech at the right time.

Learning is ongoing and interactive

We learn together, and teach each other. We offer training to get you where you want to be in your career. We share our individual knowledge and passions with each other; in formal tech sharing sessions, blogs and the opinion pieces we write.

Everyone is important

Global Kinetic is a safe space, where everyone is welcome and treated equally, regardless of their race, gender, sexual identity or orientation, religious beliefs, or age.

Fun place to work - even remotely from home

Have you ever dressed up as a cotton-wool sheep during a normal work day and still completed a sprint sign-off on time? We may be just the place for you! Great people who love what they do, and who they get to do it with. Most of our people work remotely, some of them from other countries.

We care for each other

People. Animals. The environment. When we do things with others as the focus, our intentions are better and we are better people for it. At Global Kinetic we actively pursue kindness first.

Structured but open

No ivory towers, no executive wings or private offices. We all work together. One team with many teams. Open-plan in functional spaces. You may sit next to an intern, or the MD, or both. It’s cool like that!

Socially conscious

We support, mentor, teach and care for others. We also volunteer at animal shelters, run marathons to raise funds for those in need, and try to uplift those who are not as fortunate as ourselves.

Hard facts

Flexible work
We understand that everyone’s work style is unique. That’s why we offer flexible options of remote, hybrid, or in office work. In office has free lunch and great coffee!
Home office allowance
We help you set up your home office plus monthly contributions.
You are the best in the industry, so we pay you accordingly.
Employee Trust
Join our team and benefit from our growth. As a beneficiary of the trust, you will have a direct stake in the company's success, aligning your interests with ours.
Technology to enable you
We kit you up with the latest tech to enable you do what you do. You get to choose some fun swag options and peripherals that we will ship to you.
Wellness things
We prioritize your mental well-being. Our comprehensive wellness programs are designed to help you thrive, offering resources, support and initiatives that make your health a priority.
Learning and Development
We provide access to a wide range of learning resources, enabling you to expand your skill set and knowledge continuously.
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